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The preschool series Remy & Boo premiered in May 2020 on Universal Kids. In introducing this brand new property, we wanted to capture the optimism and playfulness of our lead Remy and the incredible adventures that take place when she gets together with her best robo-buddy, Boo.

We began teasing the show in Februrary as a tie-in with Valentine's Day and epic love they share.

Remy & Boo delivered the highest-rated series premiere in nearly a year with 20k K2-5 and 12k K6-11, up +122% with K2-5 and up +300% with K6-11 vs. the P4W timeslot average. The series continues remain as one of the networks top 4 series.
VALENTINE'S DAY TEASE writer/producer/editor
LAUNCH TRAILER writer/producer
CHARACTER SPOTS writer/producer
HARD DRIVE writer/producer
SEASON 1B "FAMOUS COMBOS IN HISTORY" writer/producer/editor
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